Trade Show Review

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for our team! We attended the PROMAT Tradeshow in Chicago during early April, and were able to meet a wide range of potential customers. This is generally the time when things get exciting as we are free to design NEW machines when a customer has a request we haven’t received before.  Our team is always on the go, and we are busy working with those customers while preparing to attend the ICE Tradeshow in Orlando at the end of the month.



We unveiled our new VOYAGER during the PROMAT Tradeshow. We are extremely excited about this design and couldn’t wait to share it. This design is equipped to handle loads up to 1100-lbs and has the capacity to grip, lift and rotate reels, rolls and 55 gallon drums 360 degrees. It’s up to 30% lighter and easier to manoeuver than standard steel stackers. The VOYAGER has a wide straddle leg option for use with GKN pallets. It also supports a high tenacity lifting belt – non corrosive and very strong. You’ll notice its minimal weld construction leaves fewer points of possible weakness.

Team Member Spotlight

Earlier this month Lindsay Freeman joined our team as our Marketing Coordinator.  She brings with her a decade of experience in corporate retail and is an avid Clemson Tigers fan!


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