Squeeze-O-Turn Handling Reels of Wire (varying sizes)

We have received a number of inquiries lately pertaining to Reels of Wire. In these instances we recommend using our Squeeze-O-Turn lifter with V-Notches:

Starting with your reel in the horizontal position:

  1. Our Squeeze-O-Turn models have 1 fixed arm & 1 moving arm. Position the lifter arms around the reel so the fixed arm is touching the product, and then direct the moving arm towards the product.
  2. Once you have a firm grasp around the product (arm movement will automatically stop), lift the spool off the pallet and rotate towards the fixed arm.

Your reel will now be in the vertical position:

  1. Set the spool back down on the pallet, release the spool and roll the reel out of the v-block.
  2. Insert a shaft rod into the reel housing.
  3. The Squeeze-O-Turn has v-notches at the end of both arms which will grab the shaft rod. Position the lifter arms around the reel so both v-notches are under the shaft rod.
  4. At this time you can pick up the reel and move the Squeeze-O-Turn lifter to your desired location for drop-off.


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