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Happy Holidays

RonI wants to wish you and your family a Safe and Happy Holiday weekend!!  Our office will be closed starting Friday, December 22nd and will reopen Tuesday, December Read More

Annual Holiday Party

Roni will be having our Annual Holiday Party  this afternoon and business will be closing at 12:45pm for the day.  We hope everyone has a fun and festive time at their respective office holiday Read More

RonI’s Fundraising Support (Volume 2)

The RonI team will be thinking about Ace Bakery of Gaffney, SC tomorrow night.  The bakery is holding a fundraising event to help raise money for their local Boys and Girls Club. We wish them all the Read More

RonI’s Fundraising Support

RonI proudly supports Ace Bakery of Gaffney, SC in their fundraising efforts to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club. We will be thinking of you on October 14th! Read More

Happy Birthday RonI…

Today marks RonI’s 22nd anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited. We have accomplished a lot during this time and cannot wait to see what the future holds. We would love to hear from you and see what projects are on your horizon. If we have already worked with you we would love to hear Read More

Upcoming PACK EXPO Tradeshow – (Volume 2)

We are gearing up for Pack Expo next month. As a reminder, we’ll be returning this year with a number of demo equipment pieces.  Our team would love to show you our range of products, answer any questions you have, and most importantly let you test drive one of our ergonomic lifters. Everything is more fun when you are Read More

Upcoming PACK EXPO Tradeshow

If you are looking to see the latest and greatest material handling equipment OR  simply wanting a little getaway, we would love to see you in Vegas this September.  We are big fans of Pack Expo and will be returning this year with a number of demo equipment pieces.  We would love to show you our range Read More

CrossFit At Work??

You shouldn’t feel like you’re at your local CrossFit practice while at work. Not all tasks should leave you breathing hard, palms sweating and pulse racing. Well, unless you like that sort of thing. More power to you. For the rest of us, RONI is your answer. We don’t want you struggling to lift ANYTHING essential to your company running Read More

Squeeze-O-Turn Handling Reels of Wire (varying sizes)

We have received a number of inquiries lately pertaining to Reels of Wire. In these instances we recommend using our Squeeze-O-Turn lifter with V-Notches: Starting with your reel in the horizontal position: Our Squeeze-O-Turn models have 1 fixed arm & 1 moving arm. Position the lifter arms around the reel so the fixed arm is touching the product, Read More

Time-lapse Lifter Build

Have you ever wondered how Roni builds our lifters? Want a sneak peak behind the scenes? Check out the following time-lapse video demonstration of our Lift-N-Go model.   Have you seen all you need to see? Do I have your interest? Let us help you with your industrial heavy roll handling needs today. GET A Read More