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The MOBI-Crane™ is our self-manufactured, articulated jib crane that provides a superior level of flexibility. The modular concept allows you to build a jib crane that completely meets the needs of your handling situation with a lifting capacity up to 185 pounds.

There are a wide range of modules to choose from, for example: adjustable columns, boom arms of different lengths, mains or battery-operated, and a long list of standard lifting tools. Common tools includes hoists, mechanical and magnetic tools, as well as pneumatic and vacuum tools. If you can’t find the tool you are looking for among our standard offering, we can also design a custom solution for you.

Safe handling is of great importance to us. Our jib cranes and tools are equipped with safety systems that have been adapted for the load to be handled. Safe handling is provided through the use of our Vacuum Monitoring System (VMS) and Accidental Vacuum Shut-off Guard (AVSG) which prevents accidental release of the product during lifting.

Multiple mounting options are available. If you want mobility, we can mount the crane onto a floorplate which can be moved around via pallet jack or forklift. The crane can also be installed in various other ways such as directly to the floor, to the wall, or to an existing column.